Signature Pieces

Let us help you turn someone’s handwriting into a special piece of jewelry. 

IMG_0383This is a truly unique gift for anyone in your life. This would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. Here’s some ideas of things you could start with:

  • Someone’s signature
  • An old recipe
  • A love note
  • A greeting card
  • A journal page

IMG_4440The best samples are with thicker letters that are connected to make one continuous piece, but it isn’t impossible to make with disconnected or thin letters. Send us the sample and we will render it in 3D and help with what it can be made into. For example, a necklace, pin, bracelet, keychain, or something else completely.

While we print in plastic, creating a piece that is lightweight and will stand up over time, we can assist with getting items printed in other materials, including metal.

Custom signature pieces start at $25 and take about a week to complete. Contact us to get started.


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