Ladies, Assemble

It’s not really surprising that our Ring in the New Year 3D Printed Rings sold out. Or that many of the items below are our best sellers at craft fairs. We’re constantly reminding ourselves that this isn’t normal, that we have to use our voices, and that we need to smash the patriarchy.

So here’s a collection of items and some perfect occasions for wearing them.

Women’s March

At many marches you can only bring certain types of signs and they are often a one-and-done kind of situation. Why not something that will last day in and day out?


Everybody should be One 3D Printed Earrings; $10 on Etsy

Send a message

When you’re headed for cocktails with friends you haven’t seen in a long time because you haven’t been able to find a nice thing to say to them after the election, but you’re ready now to start a constructive conversation.


Take No Sh*t 3D Printed Pin; Available at Craft Fairs

Meeting the family

When you are meeting your partners parents for the first time and want to make sure they know where you stand.


Nevertheless, she… 3D Printed Earrings; $10 on Etsy


When you have a major presentation at work and need to exude an air of confidence that shuts down mansplaining before it starts.


Resist 3D Printed Bracelet; $5 at Craft Fairs

Close the gap

When you are asking for a raise, going to an interview, or need a subtle reminder to do it and do it well.


Get it Girl 3D Printed Bracelet; $5 at Craft Fairs



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