Valentine’s Day for the Cynics Among Us

Maybe you prefer Galentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s just another reminder of being single. Or it could even be that you are happy in a relationship but still don’t like this mushy, gushy day. We understand.

Snarky Conversation Hearts

Choose from 8 sayings (NOT GR8, I WILL CUT YOU, SWIPE LEFT, GO AWAY, LAME, CAN U NOT, UR THE WORST, or IDGAF) and 4 colors for a necklace with 2 messages from the heart.


Love, snark 3D Printed Earrings; $15 on Etsy

Uteruses before Duderuses

Perfect for year round use for finding your keys or your best friend’s spare set.


Uteruses Before Duderuses 3D Printed Keychain; $10 on Etsy

That Word Bums me Out

Liz Lemon always provides sage advice. Including her response to Jack using the word “Lovers” in Season 2. “Oh… That word bums me out unless it’s between the words meat and pizza.”


Steal a Pizza My Heart 3D Printed Earrings; $10 on Etsy

Reason for the Season

Choose any R+D necklace, ring, or earring and put it into this card to show the real reason for the season


V is for Greeting Card; Available at craft shows or as an add on item on Etsy; $2Maybe something more traditional would be best? Check out this collection.


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