Show Your Sunnyside

Show pride for your neighborhood everywhere you go! We’ve made our popular necklace available in multiple materials so you can choose how you want to show your Sunnyside.


We’ve all been there: on the treadmill or the end of a yoga class, daydreaming of the food we get to eat now because we completed a workout. Satisfy your cravings and share your favorite things all the time.

Show Your Style

Show off what you love with 3D printed pins on your jackets, backpacks, and totes!

Love You to the Beach and Back

It doesn’t really matter if you’re headed to a tropical destination, a nearby coastline, or to your backyard with a little kiddie pool. These will put you in the right mood for sun, sand, and sipping a fruity drink.

Ladies, Assemble

It’s not really surprising that our Ring in the New Year 3D Printed Rings sold out. Or that many of the items below are our best sellers at craft fairs. We’re constantly reminding ourselves that this isn’t normal, that we have to use our voices, and that we need to smash the patriarchy.

Custom Charms

We were asked about making a vintage style charm necklace for the birthday of a 3-year-old who loves playing dress up. It turned into a fun project to make a fully 3D printed piece of jewelry!

Hear the beat

Does music make you lose control? Do you feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger? Do you keep dancing on your own? Do you have a song stuck in your head yet? Here’s a collection of our music themed earrings!

Signature Pieces

Let us help you turn someone’s handwriting into a special piece of jewelry. 

Keeping our Favorite Characters Close

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve already seen the movies and read every book as fast as you could get your hands on it; if you are someone who always get excited for to rewatch and reread your favorite series, this collection is for you.

Wear your Doodles

When first approached about this by a friend, it seemed like an exciting challenge to turn someone else’s doodle into a wearable piece of jewelry.

Love your pets

How can you show love for the ones who are always excited for you to get home? The ones who never tell your secrets? The ones who can be counted on as a cuddle buddy on lazy Sunday afternoons? You’re thinking of your pets, right?

Less Pain than a Real Tattoo

We like tattoos. We kinda wish it were easier to change them up or try new ones on. Here’s a few that you can switch as often as you switch your outfit.

Valentine’s Day for the Cynics Among Us

Maybe you prefer Galentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s just another reminder of being single. Or it could even be that you are happy in a relationship but still don’t like this mushy, gushy day. We understand.

Valentine’s Day

We’re getting ready for the big day where we show some love and affection to all those around us! So here’s a quick round up of unique gifts for partners, lovers, friends, and most things in-between!